The Motivational Manifesto is an excellent book! Kudos to Brendon for allowing us to take such a revealing look under his hood. Brendon Bruchard paints a vivid picture of life as we live it, and how we need to teach ourselves to be brave enough to live an honest life with ourselves. After all, we will never have a healthy sustainable relationship with anyone unless we enter it from our own healthy platform. 

In my humble opinion, this is a book that should be required reading in schools. It could very well open a dialog that can help kids be better prepared for what life can offer each one of them if their thinking is better aligned. The Motivation Manifesto is just that. A manifesto.  How many kids do we lose each year because they can’t figure out where and how they fit in? For that matter, how many adults struggle with this same issue?

Again, excellent book, and thank you Brendon for your contribution. Well done!




Although Christy Whitman’s “The Art of Having It All” is somewhat of a short read, the delivery of her information is enticing, so you don’t want to put the book down. The audience for this book is geared toward women, however; the content can be applied to anyone.

The way I feel about any teaching application is if I get at least one thing from the content, it was worth the time invested. Christy Whitman has several things in her book that expose weaknesses that many people can engage in from time to time. Christy artfully explains that if you allow yourself to stay in one spot of confusion for too long, you can get stuck and lost with your bearings.

This is another book about life and how to better the one you are having. This book offers you the opportunity to take a fresh look at yourself, and outlines a clear pathway to change. That is, if you want change, and if you  are ready to grab the reins and go for it.


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